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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where you are based?

We are based in three famous cities of Pakistan (i.e. Skardu, Gilgit & Islamabad). Check out our contact page for more.

2. Is it safe to Travel Pakistan?

Yes larger portion of Pakistan is SAFE. Pakistan is only been so badly advertised by media that people think it is so unsafe but in fact it is as safe as your home town. There is absolutely no danger No purse snatching No street violence or any other odd in this country.

3. If Pakistan is so safe how do you explain US state department travel advisory?

It is a known fact that US travel advisories are usually written by those who have never visited the country themselves. They seem to mix Afghanistan with Pakistan. They repeat the same thing again. One major reason why travel advisory is so much against travel to Pakistan is that our governments which have been changing very fast in the past had no time to explain the situation. The present Government is doing a little bit about this and we have already seen improvement in travel advisories by the British Government.

4. What about women can they travel to Pakistan?

Off course! Pakistan is a Muslim country women are given equal right of a man in Islam. There is no problem for women to travel to Pakistan, however a modest dress like a T shirt jeans long skirt is recommended. Shorts should be avoided in the bazaars and cities. Half sleeves shirts are OK

5. What about the roads in Pakistan.

The roads in Pakistan are all well paved and are malted. Roads like Karakorum highway are also very well done. One has to be prepared for a little less controlled traffic though. We have a variety of traffic on the roads including animal carts small trishaws known as Rickshaws colorful buses and cars

6. Is your website complete?

Our website is in a constant phase of “work and progress” but all the information available during this period is correct and valid.

7. Who can book your tours/treks?

Our tours/treks are designed for all foreign and local tourists from all parts of the world. All age groups can take our tours and treks. For few of our strenuous treks, you must be physically fit and make inquiries to be sure whether if it suitable for all the members in your group.

8. Do all tours and treks start and end in Islamabad?

Yes and No! All northern-areas bound flights depart/arrive from/in the capital, Islamabad, not to mention international arrivals/departures in/from Islamabad airport. For domestic tourists living in other cities of Pakistan such as Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta, we organize transport arrangements to get them to Islamabad and back.

9. Why are your treks (even tours for some) expensive?

We provide the price range for all tours and treks on our website unlike other companies and you will find that we are the most affordable and yet best in town. We have no hidden charges and our treks (even tours) are all inclusive (domestic flights, hotels, meals, camping gear, porters, guides, etc.). We believe in providing and linking the best of all facilities available and therefore our prices may seem high to many. However we do design custom trips for individuals/groups with low budgets.

10. Do you offer group discounts?

es we have given price ranges for all our treks/tours for this very reason. As the number of people increase in your group, the price of a tour/trek for all individuals in a group decreases.

14. What modes of payment do you accept?

Cash is quickest but you can also deposit the amount in our bank account which we give out once you register. We hope to soon have online payments available to make it easier.

13. What if we don’t want to share a room with a stranger?

You can have your own room but you will have to pay for the difference.

12. Do you help with obtaining Visas, NOCs and invitation letters?

Yes, we are registered tour operator with Government of Pakistan. We can assist you for your tourist visa, NOC and can provide you the invitation letter. We will assists you best in reaching Pakistan and making your trip a success.

11. Do you organize the tours/treks for only the packages you have mentioned?

No, our mentioned packages are the ones based on popularity after careful filtering, considering past tourist-reviews and ratings and most tourist-friendly community locations.

15. What is your refund policy?

Cancellation must be notified either by a phone call or by email to the mentioned email address of The Karakoram Ventures. Cancellation charges shall be levied as follows: 30 days before departure 25 % of the advance booking fee, 29 – 15 days before departure 50 % of the land cost, 14 to 1 day before departure 90% of the land cost. No refund will be given for any unused portion of the trip. The host reserves the right to cancel the trip without prior notice for any reasons deemed appropriate by them. In such a case the registered participants will receive a full refund.

16. What is procedure of tour/trek Reservations?

Reservations can be made by mailing. The Tour cost is strictly based on the itinerary and the total number of hotel and camp nights mentioned therein. If the trip has to be delayed due to bad weather, road washouts, canceled or delayed flights, sickness, Government restrictions or any other contingency for which “The Karakoram Ventures” cannot make provisions, the resulting extra cost for such delay is not included

17. Why do I Insurance?

Visitors are advised to get the insurance that covers cancellation, accidents, health emergency evacuation, helicopter rescue, and loss or damage of baggage and personal effects. This insurance must be arranged directly with your agent/insurance company.

18. What’s the Baggage limitation?

Every member is entitled to bring a maximum weight of 15 kg (International clients) and 10 kg (national clients) of personal baggage. Any excess baggage portage will be charged separately.

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