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Bookings are now open for K2 Base Camp 2020 Trek
$2350 $2090
The grand Base Camp Trek of Karakoram Mountains, is an…
$2520 $2299
Arando Haramosh Pass Trek connects the Haramosh Glacier and Kutwal…
$2150 $1799
We organize Minapin Trek with fixed departure from Islamabad or…
$1300 $1050
The Great Karakorum Traverse is one of the longest and highest walking trails…
$4430 $3900
Baltoro Concordia Trek has been a highlight for trekkers,
The village of Hushe is the last village where jeep…
$1600 $1320
Batura Glacier lies in Batura-Valley Passu Located in Gojal region…
$1520 $1220
Rush Lake Trek is a light adventure for first-timers in…
$1270 $1080
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